Category: Public Affairs

Limiting judgments

Let’s suppose that I want to cash a check during my lunch break. I visit my bank. I find two tellers available. I have never seen either teller before. I must choose to take my business to one or the other. I want a pleasant and quick exchange. How shall I make my choice? Although…

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The nature of our differences

Suppose that you and I are eating lunch in our college’s dining hall. We are talking about the heights of people. A newly hired colleague sits down with us and joins our conversation. This is our first conversation with our new colleague. Our new colleague offers an opinion: “Men are taller than women.” Would any…

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Who really decides wages?

Suppose that parents are currently paying babysitters \$7.50 per hour. Suppose that tomorrow Congress applies the minimum wage law to all forms of employment, including babysitting, and increases the minimum wage to \$15.00 per hour. Does anyone suppose that all baby sitters would then see a doubling of their incomes? Might not some parents, who…

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