Month: May 2020

01: What is special about C?

Evolution of programming languages first high level language was FORTRAN in 1954-1956 FORTRAN = “FORmula TRANslation”, created at IBM procedural languages (1960s) — FORTRAN, BASIC, COBOL, PL/I arithmetic and logical expressions, variables, assignment statements statements that define loops (repeated actions) statements that allow decisions (conditionally executed actions) short variable names (2 characters in early version…

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00: Getting started, how to succeed

How to succeed Always write for 2 audiences! people clients, customers teammates team leader, supervisor, project manager colleagues working on documentation, quality assurance, marketing, training your future self the computer First, do nothing well! Work in small steps. Check yourself at every stage. Get a working example from someone else, then type it yourself—learn through…

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Our Elevator Speech

Our students often hear advice about how to find opportunities. “You never know whom might meet and who might be able to help you,” teachers and parents and people in the college’s career office tell them. “Be ready to explain your ambitions clearly and concisely.” Those of us who teach and study computer science might…

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