Ich will diese Tag mit dir leben.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a German pastor who called upon other clergy to
oppose Germany’s National Socialist government. During the last days
of 1944, he wrote a poem that was later set to music. Translated into many languages, it has become a popular hymn around the world. Bonhoeffer was in prison when he wrote his poem. “By the powers for good” (in German, “Von guten Mächten”) is an expression of faith and hope. It contains these lines:

Gott ist bei uns am Abend und am Morgen und ganz gewiß an jedem neuen Tag. (God is with us in the evening and in the morning. Completely and certainly, He is with us in each new day.) Ich will diese Tag mit dir leben und mit dir gehen in ein neues Jahr. (I want to live with you this day and go with you in a new year.)

This is my prayer for you!